Thursday, 3 September 2015

Committee Meeting 01/09/2015

The following is a brief note from the Meeting of the Harpers Lane Allotments Society Committee held on 1st September at Hollywood Rd Sports and Social Club

The primary purpose of the meeting was to put in place interim arrangements for the fulfilment of the Society’s site management responsibilities during the absence through illness of the Secretary (Margaret Jackson).

Main points are:-
1.  Matters relating to the waiting list will be managed by Veronica Burns
2.       Plot Transfers will be covered by Kath Worsley
3.       Structures and Permissions on poultry etc. will be covered by Glyn Platt
4.       Monthly meetings will be organised by Kath and Keith Worsley.
5.       Pev Evans is requested to do a ‘recce’ below the bottom road to try to find out more about the incursions by deer and come back with what we might be able to do to stop the current invasions.
6.       Kath Worsley will post an email from Malcolm Russell about dumping weeds and other rubbish below the bottom the road – it states that the Council will take action against any tenant caught doing so as to do so is definitely a breach of tenancy and may also be liable to prosecution for fly-tipping
7.       The Bonfire Party will be on Saturday 7th November – the details will be discussed at the next Committee meeting on October 6th. In the meantime wood should be stored adjacent to the current fire site.
8.       Open Day raised just over £490.00 – a cheque for £50 will be sent to a dementia charity – photos from Open Day taken by John Burns will be posted on this blog-site.
9.       The Committee will purchase a new hot water boiler / tea urn for the Brew Room.
10      Kath and Keith will seek to encourage plot-holders to enter the Abas Onion and Leek Show – details on the Brew Room Window.
11       David will submit the monthly report to the Council – the August report will highlight lack of Council action on repairs to the Brew Room, the leak in the Ladies, the problem with the standpipe near plot 41 and the non-removal of asbestos from plot 64A.
12     It is intended to hold the HLAS AGM in December (as last year) but no date has been set until we know more of Margaret’s progress.
 13 The Co-operative’s registration has now been cancelled – final accounts up to July 2015 will be submitted to HMRC. Any funds remaining in the co-operative’s accounts following payments of corporation tax will be transferred to Harpers Lane Allotments Society as stated in the co-operative’s constitution.

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