Tuesday, 2 December 2014


MINUTES  27/11/2014

Present: Margaret Jackson (Secretary), David Jackson (Treasurer), Glyn Platt, Keith Worsley, Kath Worsley, Tom Liptrott

Apologies for absence – Barry Savage

The Minutes of last meeting had been posted on the blogsite

Matters Arising from the last meeting

Repossessions and Lettings

Plot 3 repossessed – will be community plot used by Church Rd School

Plot 22A repossessed – let to Mr and Mrs Lodmore

Plot 47A relet to Mr and Mrs Stranks

Plot 38 split – half retained by Pam / half let to Mr and Mrs Tunnicliffe

 Breach of Tenancy Notices
Action plans have been agreed with the plot-holders on three plots. If they fail to carry these out we will move to Stage 2 and 3 respectively in April.

 Date of Spring Event – It was generally believed by members that we would need to involve outside stalls to make the event attractive and that we should examine which dates would be likely to attract such support. Possible dates remain the Easter weekend and the weekend of the Theatre visit.

 Feedback on Bonfire Night

Costs of Bonfire Night were :- £117.89
Donations totalled - £132.80
Nett Contribution - £14.91

Drainage Problems Plot 41

The Council has filled the hole at the top of the plot (there were concerns about it as a hazard for children.  This has however made the flow down the hill worse and there is now the likelihood of flooding onto the plots below

The Treasurer had gathered costings for two holding tanks and sufficient piping to install a solution. Concern was expressed that the piping was of insufficient diameter and alternative sources were suggested. The Treasurer will try to gain more information on alternatives. The current preferred layout would have a holding tank at the level of the greenhouses and then a pipe running down to the bottom road.

 It is intended, once materials have been assembled,  to ask the plot-holder and those on other plots affected to assist in putting in tanks and piping.

 Other Drainage

Council has carried out work on plot 1. Some work has been done on compost bays. This lead to a temporary loss of electricity due to Council team cutting cable. The cable has now been repaired by Electricity North-West


The Water has now been turned off. Toilets have been locked and Keys removed


We have some costs for CCTV cameras. Kath W has agreed to get further information.

 Preparation for the AGM (2nd December, 7.30 p.m. at Hollywood Rd. Bowling Club)

 The Draft Accounts have been submitted to the Auditor. It is hoped that audited accounts can be presented at the AGM.

The Committee suggested no additional agenda Items

Elections – Following the resignation of the current Chair (Gill Chamberlain), Glynn P has agreed to act as Chair for the AGM. Keith Worsley has agreed that in the evnt of no other candidates coming forward he would be willing to take the Chair for 2015. Barry Savage has informed us that he does not intend to stand for re-election. Barry has been a valued member of the Committee for three years and will be missed.

Progress on Raffle – tickets will remain on sale until the start of the AGM. Margaret will make up the hamper and take other prizes over to the venue

 Business Tenancy

The Council has indicated that it is ready to discuss the Society taking on a Business Tenancy on the site. This could either be just for the Amenity Building or could be for the whole site or somewhere in between. The Committee feel that more information is needed about the terms being offered by the Council and that the views of members and the wider group of plot-holders would need to be obtained before anything could be finalised. The Treasurer will try to set up an information gathering meeting with the Allotments Team. Subsequent onformation suggest that we shall start talking to "Estates" in January.

 Future of the Harpers Lane Co-operative

Harpers Lane Allotments Limited is a separate entity (oroginally created as part of the self-management bid some three years ago) of which all members of the Society are equal shareholders.  HLA Ltd. has run at a loss for two years and has a large debt to the Society. It is proposed that HLA Ltd’s AGM coincide with that of the Society and that members vote at that AGM on the future of HLA Ltd. The current recommendation of the Committee would be for closure, but the decision rests with members / shareholders.  Subsequent information suggests that a better option would be to mothball the co-operative for 2014-2015 while future Council policy around allotment management is clarified.


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