Monday, 3 November 2014

MINUTES 23.11.2014

Present: Gill Chamberlain (Chair), David Jackson (Treas), Tom Liptrott, Barry Savage, Kath & Keith Worsley

  1. Apologies for absence

Glynn Platt, Margaret Jackson


  1. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes having posted on the blog site were approved


  1. Matters Arising
    1. Hire of Mechanical Scythe
    2. Site Security – feasibility of CCTV

DJ reported that no action had been possible on these matters and they were referred to the next meeting

  1. Site Management Issues
    1. Stage 3 notice on plot 3

The Council have served a stage 3 notice on plot 3 – it should be repossessed at the end of October, when it will become available for re-letting


    1. Stage 3 to be issued to plot 22A

The Council are in the process of serving a stage 3 notice on plot 22A


    1. Re-inspection and decision on 23 and 71

These plots will be re-inspected at the beginning of November, after which the Council will be requested to take appropriate action


    1. Plots let to new tenants / plot transfers

All available plots have been re-let except plot 47A. Potential tenants are awaiting Council actions on plot 22A and the newly created plot 38A. The Secretary will contact the next persons on the waiting list about plot 47A once she has recovered from her current illness.


    1. Community Plot for Church Rd. School

Church Rd. School are on the Harpers Lane waiting list and are coming close to the top. It is proposed that plot 3 be designated a community plot which will be worked by volunteers associated with the School until such time as a formal tenancy may be offered. We await confirmation from the Council that plot 3 is available.


    1. Members of the Committee questioned the lack of action on certain plot-holders. The Treasurer reported that the Secretary had not felt that formal action was appropriate and that she was in communication with the persons involved under the normal procedures for stage 1.. The Committee felt that this was insufficient and instructed her to contact the Council with a view to a formal Stage 2 notice being issued. The Treasurer agreed to communicate their views to the Secretary. The Secretary has subsequently declined to do this, on the grounds that stage 1 has not yet been completed and she is hoping to resolve the matter without Council intervention.


  1. Feedback on Car Boot Sale

The Car Boot Sale took place on 19/10/2014. The sums raised were:-

    1. Rent of pitches - £90
    2. CafĂ© Takings (net) - £ 49.28
    3. Book stall – £26.60

A large number of books remain unsold – the Treasurer will see whether the ‘Hub’ would be willing to take them.

    1. Sales of surplus ‘gazebo parts’ prior to the sale - £ 15


A total of £ 180.88


  1. Council Offer on Drainage
    1. Current state of balances – the Treasurer explained the monies available to the Society. The maximum that might be allocated to contribute to these projects without jeopardising e.g. Insurance and National membership payments is £550.
    2. Task 1 – drainage on plots 1-4  - the Council estimate that the cost of this work will be £400 which they are willing to fund.
    3. Task 2 – drainage under compost bins - - the Council estimate that the cost of this work will be £400 which they are willing to fund.
    4. Task 3 – drainage on plot 41 – the Council estimate that the cost of this work will be £1,370. They have asked the Society to contribute £1000 towards the cost of this work. As explained in 6 (a) the Society does not have sufficient ‘free’ funds to make such a contribution.

Members of the Committee also questioned whether the solution proposed by the Council (which is confined to work on plot 41 and assumes that the ‘pipe’ unearthed on plot 41 is capable of carrying away the water) will solve the problem. There was concern about the water coming out again on lower plots if it is not piped down as far as the road.

The Committee will inform the Council about its lack of funds and re-examine its options.

  1. Bonfire Issues
    1. Bonfire will be on 08/11/2014 start at 7.00 p.m.
    2. Food at Bonfire Night - it is anticipated that the following will be available:-

Curry – Pev

Black Peas – Margaret

Parkin – Sue

Potato Pie – Pauline


We do not know if Mick Carcione is providing burgers as he always does – the Secretary will find out. The Secretary has since confirmed that Mick will not be providing burgers.


    1. Wood Stacking Arrangements

Barry has agreed to strim a section of the D-shape. This will include an area where plot-holders may stack wood for the fire.


    1. Building Bonfire

We will try to build the bonfire on Saturday 8th November starting at 12.30 p.m. – all help appreciated


    1. Lighting Fire

Barry and Dave will be lighting the fire around 7.00 p.m. – again help appreciated


    1. Handing out Raffle Books at Bonfire Night and other times

It has been decided to have a Christmas Raffle – we have a number of prizes (trial Gym membership, pamper session at Aura, Christmas Hamper, Wine Box etc.) The Draw will be made on December 2nd at the AGM.

Raffle books have been distributed to the Committee by Tom – we hope as many people as possible will take strips to sell.

The Secretary will be requested to send a list of prizes to Tom so that he may put it up on the Brew Room.


    1. Beer / Wine / Soft Drinks

A barrel of ‘Clocking Off has been ordered from Dunscar Bridge Brewery. There are also some bottles which if not needed, can become a Xmas Raffle Prize. The Treasurer will arrange the installation of a beer pump etc.

It is intended to make some of the wine left over from the Bottle Tombola on Open Day available and also the tins of Coke left over. We will also provide some Squash.


    1. Payment

It was decided that direct charging for food and drink was inappropriate. Instead we will follow the procedure of previous years and ask for donations – a guideline price of say £1.20 per pint or 70p a glass for wine would recoup costs.


  1. AGM Issues


    1. The AGM will be held on December 2nd 7.00 for 7.30 Hollywood Road Social Club, (off Harpers Lane).
    2. The Agenda will be :-

                                                 I.            Chair’s Report

                                               II.            Secretary’s Report

                                             III.            Treasurer’s Report

                                             IV.            Election of Officers and Committee


Nominations are invited


  1. Spring Events Issues
    1. The Mikron Theatre Company will visit on 10/05/15
    2. There will be a Spring Fair / Farmers and Growers Market on (06/04/2015 – Easter Monday – the Treasurer was asked to investigate how more local producers could be involved – this event will not use the large marquees, rather the gazebos.
    3. Other Fundraising Markets and Car Boots will be scheduled during the year
  2. Council proposals / Abas consultation – the Treasurer reported back on matters raised at the Abas meeting on 13/10/2014 – see
    1. Joint Tenancies
    2. Buddies
    3. Structures
    4. Poultry
  3. Forward Decisions
    1. Future of Co-op and Society

Committee members were asked to consider the future of the Harpers Lane Co-operative (HLA Ltd.) Options include –keeping the status quo, the abolition of the Co-operative, the merging of the co-operative and the Society and making the Co-operative ‘dormant’. The Treasurer undertook to investigate the third option for the next meeting, when the matter will be again discussed prior to a recommendation

    1. Insurance – Blue Fin versus Shield – the Treasurer will investigate the competing quotes


  1. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on the 27th of November 2014 venue to be advised (based on the Finisher’s Refurbishment plans.)


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