Monday, 23 April 2012

Members Notice


Please note that there are two community compost bins.

If you are standing facing the bins, the one on the left is mature, well-rotted compost. It is infested with flat-worms, but then so are many plots on the site. Society members can have as much of this material as they like for free, just take it when you want it.

The one on the right is basically horse manure, the bulk was bought for the Society and it is replenished with fresh material from the stables. Again members can take this, but we ask that you make a contribution of say £5.00 and restrict yourself to about 20 barrow-loads. A similar arrangement applies to the pile of manure in front of the amenities hut.

To the right of the amenities hut is a pile of freshly shredded bark and leaves left by a tree surgeon. It is ideal for paths, so again members should please help themselves (there is no charge).

There should be further deliveries of freshly shredded material throughout the year, we are trying to identify the best place to have it dropped.

Behind the amenities hut there is a pile of well composted bark, this is ideal mulch material, and again, members can have it for free.

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