Sunday, 8 April 2012

Changing the plot

At the last Committee meeting (April) it was decided to have a formal procedure which will be followed whenever a plot-holder announces their intention to vacate their plot (and where no pre-existing 'buddy' arrangements for continuity are in place)..

In these cases the plot will be advertised on the notice board in the brew-room (and on this blog-site)

If the plot has a shed and / or greenhouse we will also post the amount that the plot-holder is seeking from any new occupant for those buildings.

Existing plot-holders who have held a tenancy for more than 12 months (a stipulation of the Allotments Officer) will then have a period of time to express their interest in transferring from their existing plot to the plot in question.

PLOT Number 11

Alec Mayoh has announced his intention of vacating plot number 11 from August 2012. 
Alec is seeking offers in the region of £300 for his shed and greenhouses.

Given the dates involved, the new occupant could retain their existing plot until the end of September 2012, to enable them to harvest any crops, with a new tenant starting from October 1st (the new rent year).
Any existing tenant interested in transferring to plot 11, and willing to meet Alec's financial requirements should contact Margaret Jackson by 1.00 p.m. on Sunday 29th April. (via

The Committee will discuss all applications at its meeting on 1st May 2012, and in the light of those discussions, the Site Secretary will re-allocate the plot, and inform the Allotments Officer

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