Saturday, 19 March 2016

Additional Post

It has been pointed out that an item was missing from the minutes of the March meeting that are posted below.

The Committee is investigating the possibility of having a Green Waste Skip on the site. This skip would be (as its name suggests) purely for green waste, essentially weeds, prunings etc. We feel that such a skip should help eradicate the practice of tipping materials down the bank and into the valley at the edge of the site. Members have previously been warned (there is a sign on the shop door) that the Council regard this practice as 'fly-tipping' and will take action (including giving 'Notice to Quit') against any tenants caught tipping.

A Green Waste skip can be provided at a much reduced cost against the cost of general purpose skips. However if any waste other than green waste is in the skip the full price is charged on disposal.

The Committee is considering ways in which the use of such a skip could be managed.

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