Thursday, 19 June 2014


Present: Gill Chamberlain (Chair), Margaret Jackson (Secretary), David Jackson (Treasurer), Tom Liptrott, Glyn Platt, Kath Worsley, Keith Worsley

1.     Apologies for absence

Barry Savage, Pev Evans

2.     Minutes of last meeting

Were agreed by the Committee

3.     Matters Arising from last meeting

See below

4.     Update on Waiting List

The Secretary reported that there are 5 names on the waiting list as Joanne (who had been helping on plot 1) has taken over Frank Ward’s old plot.

5.     Financial Update

The Treasurer provided details of the Societies balances.

6.     Outstanding Matters

a.     What to do with the remaining Fencing

It was agreed to store the fencing for the time being

b.     Marquee and Brian Caswell

One of the marquees has been loaned out to Brain Caswell for his daughter’s birthday party.

c.      Organised Fires on the ‘D’

Council advice is that we can have fires as long as these are limited in number and take place on the D-shaped area at the end of the plots. No plastic or offensive materials (e.g. painted wood) should be burnt. Materials should be dry to reduce smoke. Members wishing to burn wood / weeds should arrange a date with the Committee in advance.

d.     Van Body

The van body on plot 32 will be cut up and removed

e.     Drainage on plots 40/41

The Secretary reported that contractors working on Harpers Lane say that the Highways drains on the road are broken and they do not know where the road water is going. This may be a contributing factor to the flooding on plots 40 and 41.

The Committee thanked Keith Worsley for digging a trench down plot 41 to protect plot 40 from further flooding.

The Secretary reported that Ray Maginn had found a source of water storage tanks at £40 per tank.

It was agreed to take no further action until we find out mor about the drainage problems on Harpers Lane other than to move one of the blue sheets onto plot 41 to suppress weeds.

f.       Hiring Digger

The Treasurer reported that we would not need any additional licences to use a 1.5 ton mini-digger. The cost would be of the order of £150 per day.

g.     Drainage work on Harpers Lane road

There is still no news from the Council about drainage work relating to the manure bays and the car park above the Brew Room

h.     Drainage on plot 2

There is still no news from Estates about a concession to allow Mr Whipp to connect his field drains to the council drain at the base of plot 1 and thus water from his field continues to flood plot 2.

i.       Electric Strimmer

An electric (battery) strimmer is now available through the shop for use on Sundays.

j.       Petrol Strimmer

The petrol strimmer continues to be available through Barry Savage but members are requested to show consideration in when they ask Barry to provide it and when they arrange to bring it back.

k.     Contact Cllrs about Whipp’s plans

It was agreed that (in the absence of information from the Council about proposals relating to the stables field etc., the Committee should express concern to our Ward Councillors.

7.     Monthly Report (June)

a.     Breach of Tenancy – stage 1

Letters have been sent to those identified in the inspection tour

b.     Breach of Tenancy – stage 2 – the Council has been advised to issue a Notice of Improvement to one tenant.

c.      The next Inspection will take place w/c 23/06/2014

8.     Open Day 2014

a.      Update from meeting

A meeting had been held on 8th June at which preliminary plans had been agreed. The Secretary will arrange a second meeting at the beginning of July.

b.     10% charity donation

The Committee confirmed that 10% of profits will be donated to Prostate Cancer Awareness.

c.      CVS Bid

A bid has been submitted to the CVS by the Treasurer to provide support for Open Day and other events

9.     Proposal for a Newsletter

The Secretary’s proposal for a (one-off) Newsletter to be distributed to all plot-holders was agreed by the Committee. Copies will be placed on plots / pinned to structures.

10.                        Visit to Sapling Rd

It was agreed to visit Sapling Rd. Allotments Site on Saturday June 14th.

11.                        ABAS update

The Treasurer reported back on the ABAS meeting of 09/06/2014.

12.                        NAS Update

Kath and Keith Worsley reported back on the NSALG / NAS AGM at Blackpool held the previous weekend.


7.30 p.m. Wednesday 9th July at the Finishers

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