Thursday, 5 September 2013


Present: Rob Hellyer (Chair), Margaret Jackson (Secretary), David Jackson (Treasurer), Gill Chamberlain, Glyn Platt, Barry Savage

  1. The Quarterly Meeting / EGM and Barbecue / Thank You meeting will take place on Saturday 5th October – a notice will be put up on the Amenity Hut
  2. The Co-operative’s AGM will be held in February 2104 –
  3. 3. Results of August Site Inspections
            Under-cultivation – Letters are to be sent to the plots identified.


Flooded Plots – Fred Entwhistle has located a drain which seems to flow across the road immediately above the flooded plots – we cannot however find the outlet pipe – report to Alan Crook

      4. Open Day Report

Donation to Derian House

The Society’s normal practice is to donate 10% of takings on Open day to the chosen charity in this case Derian House. The Treasurer was instructed to send a cheque for £70 to Derian House.


There had been representations that more money should be donated to Derian House, particularly the entire proceeds of the book stall. It was pointed out however that many who donated books were donating them to the Society to raise funds for improvements on the site and not to Derian House. In the light of this it was decided that we should stick with normal practice and donate 10%. It was however agreed that should members feel strongly about this issue they should table a motion for the Quarterly Meeting.


It was further agreed that next year we must clarify who is raising what money and for whom on Open Day - There is a need to clearly differentiate between stalls raising money for the chosen charity (e.g. Derian House), stalls raising money for the Society and stalls being run for the benefit of the stall-holders and this must be made clear in advance.


Members have raised the issue as to whether plot-holders who are not (at the time of the Show) fully paid-up members of the Society should be allowed to enter the Show. It was pointed out that it is the Society’s Show and is not an Open Show. Therefore it was resolved that only fully paid up members of the Society should be allowed to enter the show – the Show Organisers will be provided with an up-to-date Register of paid up members by the Secretary for Open Day.


Members have queried whether plot-holders should be allowed to have stalls on their own plots and if so whether they should still pay the stall rent fee (as do those with stalls on the field).

It was pointed out that the Risk Assessment approved by the Council for Open Day assumes stalls will be restricted to the top field and the area around the Amenities Hut (although the provision for ‘open plots’ does create some leeway.)

All activities on Open Day are covered by the Society’s Public Liability and Product Insurance, this includes the stalls.

Anyone with a stall is therefore benefiting not just from the efforts of the Open Day Committee in organising and publicising the event, but also from this insurance provision (paid for by the Society).

It was felt that in fairness all stall-holders should make a contribution to these costs.


It was suggested that next year the Risk Assessment document be amended to cover stalls etc. on individual plots.


It was further suggested that anyone wishing to sell produce or any other items on Open Day should register with the Open Day Committee in advance of the day and pay an agreed sum which may depend on the location of their stall and / or whether they need a Society Gazebo etc. Anyone unwilling to pay this sum will be required to demonstrate to the Open Day Committee that they have taken out their own Public and Product Liability Insurance as a condition of being permitted to participate in Open Day.


It was agreed that the Treasurer look out for cheap deals on pop-up gazebos with a view to obtaining a further two.


  1. Equipment

Members are invited to make proposals to the EGM/Quarterly meeting as to whether to to buy more equipment.


  1. Manure Delivery

We are trying to get some more manure deliveries onto the site


  1. Site Maintenance Work

The shop will not re-open on Sundays until early 2014 (for seed deliveries etc.) However a notice will be placed on the shop door informing members that the shop can be opened on request by any Committee member to enable them to buy goods. The notice will contain a list of Committee Members.


A new Toilet and Brew Room Cleaning Rota will be set up (by Susan Jones). Efforts will be made to expand the pool of volunteers involved.


  1. Update on Plot 70

All persons on the Harpers Lane Waiting List were contacted. All who were still interested were invited onto an induction programme using plot 70. There are 8 people involved. As they complete the programme they will move onto individual plots (if they so wish). Some may wish to remain cultivating Plot 70. It has been agreed that the course members will provide work parties to assist each other with the move onto their new plots.


  1. Update on Plot 1

The Council has given permission for a communal development on Plot 1, which is being funded by a grant from the Big Bolton Fund. The poly-tunnel (20’ x 12’) has been ordered. Help will be needed to erect the poly-tunnel, build the raised beds and move the contents of the compost bay to plot 1. When completed Plot 1 will be the Society’s main training plot. It was again agreed that the poly-tunnle will be used to raise plants (e.g. tomato or brassica plants) which can be sold through the Society’s shop to raise funds for the Society. There may also be space which can be used by members to raise their own seedlings..


  1. Future projects

Business Partnership Scheme at Bolton CVS has been mothballed over the summer – we hope they will start up again in September / October – aim for a scheme for new plots and woodland gardens etc. members have suggested that that this scheme include Communal Beekeeping. The Treasurer will also investigate a Co-op funded initiative called Plan Bee.


 The Secretary introduced the idea of obtaining a large canteen / office container-cabin which would provide a larger meeting place and a storage area for furniture, perhaps a even a training room for future courses etc. (The Treasurer will investigate Awards for All, Co-op Community Fund etc. over the winter)


  1. Harrogate Trip

The trip is now fully booked. The Society has agreed to make up the deficit on vehicle hire.


  1. Association of Bolton Allotment Societies (ABAS) report back

Following the last (August) ABAS meeting an email was drafted and sent to Sarah Schofield (AD, Neighbourhood Services) outlining the Association’s views on the abolition of the post of Allotment Officer plus the Association’s proposal that a) ABAS take over the organisation of the Fairhurst and other trophies and b) that ABAS investigate bringing back a Borough-wide Allotment Show. Ms Schofield has replied agreeing to meet ABAS to discuss these issues.


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