Saturday, 20 April 2013

March Committee

COMMITTEE MINUTES – 19th March 2011

1.       It was agreed to open two Bank Accounts in the name of the Harpers Lane Allotments Co-operative

  1. Main Account – Co-operative Bank – signatories officers – Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
  2. Grants Account – Skipton Building Society – signatories - to be unrelated and not sharing an address – from remaining Committee members


  1. It was agreed that one £1 share will be issued to each member of the Harpers Lane Allotments Society who paid their 2012 subscription. Once this has been done others (e.g. buddies and joint tenants) will be invited to buy additional shares (one each) at a price of £1.


  1. It was agreed that Margaret will update the Register of Buddies.


  1. It was agreed that we will enquire what progress the Council are making to ascertain whether Community Payback intend to use their plot and whether that plot and its poly-tunnel could be made available for the new communal plot scheme.


  1. It was noted that the Council have agreed to the use of the piece of land below the Riefield end car park for a communal poly-tunnel. No date was set for retrieving the bits from the container or attempting to erect the poly-tunnel. Any volunteers would be welcomed.


  1. It was noted that the Woodlands officer has agreed to the use of plots between the trees as communal beds. The clearance of these plots would be down to the Co-operative.


  1. It was noted that given the need to acquire additional equipment to carry out some of the work that is envisaged in the Council’s letter of understanding, we may also need additional storage. Dave will contact Florence Avenue to see where they got their shipping container from. It was also agreed that we may need to use the £250 purchasing power promised by the Council to acquire some of this equipment.


  1. The next meeting will be on 9th April 2013.


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