Saturday, 20 April 2013

April Minutes

MINUTES – 9.04.2013

Present: Rob Hellyer (Chair), Margaret Jackson (Secretary), David Jackson (Treasurer), Gill Chamberlain, Glyn Platt

1.       Matters Arising

a)      Bank Accounts - Skipton would not accept bank account application as we are a limited company. It was decided to have a second Co-op bank account instead. Co-op forms were available at the meeting (see item 6)

b)      Share Issue and Buddies Register – not yet done

c)       No Council reply on progress on Community Payback

d)      No action on poly-tunnel in container but see item 9

e)      No action on communal beds in woodland  but see item 9

f)       David has an address for a supplier from Florence Avenue – estimate for a new container – delivered on site - is £900

2.       Broken Window on Plot 61 – Mick C will make bars, Dave to measure and purchase glass

3.       Broken concrete panels on compost bays. Craig W has arranged a second delivery of muck – suppliers refuse to risk bottom road  - will dump at compost bins  – we need to remove broken posts – Working Party 28/4/2013

4.        State of bottom road (see above) now affecting deliveries and work by e.g. Woodlands Team – only hope is Business Sponsorship Initiative

5.       The Council has issued a new Letter of Understanding – it appears to meet the needs of most potential grant giving bodies.

6.       Banking – Forms distributed at the meeting, to be completed and returned to the Co-op Bank

7.       Fairhurst Trophy etc. – it was decided that there was little interest or enthusiasm for these contests

8.       Using Council money to buy strimmer / lawnmower – Committee would prefer to buy a lawnmower (unless we can arrange to borrow one) – Committee asked Dave to get the existing strimmer serviced, and to price an additional brush cutter as agreed at the AGM.

9.       CVS Visit – 17th April 2013 – 11.30 – grants plus business sponsorship for projects. The Bolton Fund (also managed by the CVS) is now open. Council will support projects which address communal beds, mentoring, training etc. (not financially of course!)

10.   Toilet Cleaning – water is back on – new rota is being posted.

11.   Pallets – Margaret has asked for another delivery.

12.   Bonfire – The question was raised as to why a new bonfire is being built on the D-shape in March? Margaret is encouraging people to take prunings etc to the tip if they can’t store or dispose of them on their own plots.

13.   Dumping behind Brew Room – It is not known who is dumping doors, glass etc, behind the brew room.

14.   Theatre – ideas for fundraising at the performance were discussed. There will be teas and coffees and possibly cake. We could sell ice cream – Rob Jackson would supply Co-op at wholesale price. Rob Hellyer suggested the purchase of a set of Builders’ lights from Tool Station for use both at the Theatre Performance and on Bonfire Night. This was agreed, Dave J will sort this.

15.   The Committee has agreed to use the ARI funds to finance a fact-finding trip to Blackpool Allotments Federation (who have gone self-managing). Dave will contact their secretary to arrange a date. A notice giving details will then be placed in the Brew Room. 

16.   The next meeting will be on 14th May – usual time and place

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