Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Society Projects

PLOT # 1

 This space will be the Society’s second Communal Plot.

Thanks to a grant from the Big Bolton Fund work will begin after Open Day on a project to create our second communally worked plot (the other is Plot #70)

Plot # 1 will have a communal poly-tunnel which will be used as a nursery to grow plants which can then be used by Society members on their plots. There will also be five raised beds (one for each stage of the crop rotation) plus a fifth for e.g. strawberries.

 Plot # 1 will also be used as part of the training / induction courses in Allotment Gardening which the Society will be running at the request of Bolton Council. The first such course has been restricted to those near the top of the Council’s waiting list but subsequent courses will be open to a wider group

 PLOT # 70

Plot #70 was taken back by the Council from its previous tenants on the grounds of inadequate cultivation.

The Society is now repairing the poly-tunnel and the shed.

Plot # 70 is to be used as the base for the Society’s first induction course for new plot-holders.

Those on the first course will be drawn from those at the head of the site’s waiting list. They will have a number of sessions learning about allotment gardening. A side-product of the course will be that plot #70 will be returned to a more attractive condition!

Following the course they will have the choice of being allocated a vacant full- or half-plot elsewhere on the site or working a portion of plot # 70

 Contact Margaret Jackson, Site Secretary, on 01204 844727 or by email at or see our website where details of future courses will be posted.


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