Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Minutes of the Committee Meeting 8/01/2013

Present: Margaret Jackson (Secretary), David Jackson (Treasurer), Gill Chamberlain, Glyn Platt, Barry Savage

Apologies: Rob Hellyer (Chair)

The meeting commenced at 7.30 p.m.

  1. SHOP

a)      The initial order from Maher’s was agreed.

b)      Clearing the shop in preparation for its reopening will take place from 10.00 a.m. on 22nd January.

c)       The Secretary will place a notice in the Brew Room, after which a draft Shop Rota will be drawn up



a)      The Council has completed drainage work on Plots 1-3, this appears to have resolved the problems on plots 1-3. However, the position with the compost bins remains unclear. It was suggested that a contractor be brought in to excavate the flooded bin, and then the base be filled with gravel.  

b)      There are still problems with water entering the brew room after heavy rain, it has been suggested that a contractor be employed to scrape the parking area (reducing the level) and also to sink a drainage trench across the front of the Amenities Hut.

c)       It was agreed that any decisions in respect of 2 (a) and 2(b) be delayed until the Society gets a response from the Council to its proposal to take over operational management of the site.

Subsequent to the meeting (9/01/2013), the Allotments Officer has informed us (through Barry Savage) that the contractors who carried out the drainage work on plots 1-3 did not follow his plans. He intends to call them back to re-lay the drainage along the road and past the garage area. It would appear that if this is done, the problems with the compost bin and with the Amenities Hut may be significantly lessened.  



a)      The response from the Council to the Society’s Proposal for self-management which was promised for the end of November 2012 has not been received. Glyn Platt reported that he had e-mailed Cllr. Cliff Morris about this, and Cllr Morris had agreed to meet the Committee. This meeting has now been set for January 21st at 2.00 p.m. at the Town Hall.

b)      All actions relating to implementing the Co-operative structure(including opening new Bank Accounts and organising an initial Quarterly Meeting have been postponed pending the outcome of this meeting.


  1. PROJECTS 2013

a)      The Society has proposed establishing some communal cultivation projects (hugel beds, soft fruit planting and potentially bee-keeping and chicken enclosures) in the woodlands areas of the site. The Council’s Woodlands Officer has visited to discuss this. He intends to have the woodland thinned which will create better growing conditions for the tress and also some clearings. He has agreed that the Society could use some of these clearings for our projects.

b)      The Allotments Officer has agreed in principle that the Society can establish a Communal Polytunnel on the area below the car park at the Riefield end of the site. Initially the society will cover the area with a weed suppressing membrane. The society currently possesses the framework of a polytunnel and an attempt will be made in early Spring 2013 to erect this framework, after which a cover will be purchased and final permission sought.  It is intended that this polytunnel will be used to grow a range of seedling plants which can then be sold through the Society shop (an extension of the seed scheme).


  1. AOB

a)      The only vacant plot at present is plot number 3. The previous tenants are transferring to a new plot, and have been granted a period in which to transfer their greenhouse and shed to that new plot. It is hoped to re-let the plot in the Spring.


b)      The Treasurer was asked to clarify the expected purchase price of the brush-cutter whose purchase was agreed at the AGM. That price is in the region of £350.00.


  1. Date of Next meeting

a)      It was agreed to postpone setting the date of the next meeting until after the Committee have met with Cllr Morris.


The meeting ended at 8.45 p.m.


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